Markus M Hill Photography A Summer Day in Southport — Southport

A Summer Day in Southport — Southport

St. Philips Church

a summer day in southport

I spent the afternoon of a summer day in Southport walking around the streets. I shot this photo in front of St. Philips Episcopal Church. The church founded in 1741.
I like the way that the cross framed between the branches of the trees and shadows. I wonder about the age of the stained glass window showing the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.

Shade, Shadows & Sidewalks

a summer day in southport

The historic houses in Southport harken back to a time when cars were not the primary form of transportation. The sidewalks covered with ever-moving shadows from the branches of Live Oaks. The porches call to mind cooling by the canopy of the Live Oaks and the cool breezes coming in off the water.

Spike’s Ice Cream

a summer day in southport

Nothing is better on a summer day in Southport than a trip to Spikes Ice Cream. Not only do they have excellent ice cream, but they also have flavored ice for those who do not eat dairy.  If you are a fan of the television series “Under the Dome,” Spikes’ may look familiar to you. It is in the opening credits of the show. You can find other parts of “Chester’s Mill” walking around Southport.

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