Markus M Hill Photography Day Trip to Mount Mitchell — Burnsville

Day Trip to Mount Mitchell — Burnsville

Landscape taken at Mount Mitchell State Park

An ever-changing View

Photos from a day trip to Mount Mitchell. The North Carolina State Park is a beautiful place. The shadows of clouds, the straight lines of rain and a spotlighted clearing are an example of what you can expect to see on an ever-changing landscape from the summit of Mount Mitchell. The North Carolina mountain is the tallest on the East coast of the United States. You can check the view from near the summit at any time by accessing a weather station provided by the NC High Peaks Trail Association. Mount Mitchell is an easy day trip from Charlotte.

Mt. Mitchell rises 6684 feet above sea level. The next tallest mountain in the Eastern United States is Mt. Washington in New Hampshire at 6288 feet.

When you can see forever, sometimes it is easy to miss the small details.

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  • Martin Cutrone Aug 22, 2019 @ 17:50

    Great images, Markus! Mushroom is my favorite. Let me know when you are heading to the mountains again, would live to hitch a ride with you.

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