The Realms of Day

The last light closes the Realms of Day. The phrase “Realms of Day” is the last line of the poem “Auguries of Innocence” by William Wordsworth. The first line is “To see the world in a grain of sand.” This poem just seemed to fit this photograph taken at Sunset on Oak Island North Carolina. [...]

Sunset One Oak Island

Why is this image named Sunset One Oak Island? I decided to number my sunsets instead of creating unique names. I have been spending time on Oak Island, North Carolina, since the late 70s. It was known as Long Beach until 1999. Oak Island Sunsets The one thing I have begun to appreciate over the last [...]

Broken Too Southport Dock

I was walking along the waterfront in Southport, North Carolina and noticed the damage to the boat slip dock. I was fascinated by the rippled manner that the dock had been damaged.I took two photographs of the dock this is the second. While the first photo Broken, captures more of the detail of the damage. [...]