Two Fins And Sunset

Two Fins and sunset in the intracoastal waterway on Oak Island Two dolphins playfully swimming near the veterans park just before sunset. The pair added action to a very calm beautiful evening on the waterway.

Oak Island North Carolina

I have been spending time on Oak Island, North Carolina, since the late 70s. It was known as Long Beach until 1999. At that time, Long Beach and Yaupon Beach‘s towns came together and became the Town of Oak Island. People have been living on Oak Island since the late 19th century. The island is home to the Civil War-era Fort Caswell that was constructed in 1838. The island became a popular fox hunting destination in the 1930s. The island growth started with the construction of the high-rise Barbee Bridge in 1975. This growth continued with the completion of a second high-rise bridge, the Swain’s Cut Bridge.


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