Markus M Hill

Welcome to Markus M Hill photography. Markus is a photographer based in North Carolina. Sunsets, landscapes, nature, and cityscapes are his passion. Many photographs are taken from his travels. The thing that I love about photography is it allows you to capture a place in time. His photos capture adventures and travel. I share my views from the exploration of my surroundings. It is amazing the colors of a sunset or the rays of sunlight spraying through a forest. Living in North Carolina, we have beautiful mountains and shorelines. As a result, the creation of many of his photos is during travels to those locations. The locale of the majority of his photos are from the same general areas, but the time of day, clouds, wind, and light can result in very different images.

Additionally, Markus’ post photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The posts are typically more casual or individual photos on those sites. For instance, a photo that is an exploration of a new technique or idea.¬† Social media a safe place to test¬† creative ideas. The links to social media sites are below; please check those out.